Wild Parrots

a flock of parrotsconcealed in the old quarryon their own missiona flight on green summer wingsurban tropical surprise While we were visiting the mission, this poem happened! This is the second time we have seen wild parrots somewhere we would never have expected it (the first was around a large rain puddle in a parkingContinue reading “Wild Parrots”

Hartley, TX

on the plainswith the grainsand the cattle ag’s rich battlefor a way of lifefree from strifeand city’s urban strangle out here they wranglenature, insteadof traffic’ssupply and demand out in the fielda ziggurat of haygrassland’s bountyspun into toweringbricks of gold Thank you for reading! Road trip poems continue. . . .

Haiku | Red Dirt

folded, rolling skyover wide open countryred dirt, golden sun I don’t feel like this photograph I’ve given you above accurately portrays the landscape, but I don’t know if it’s possible for me to do it justice with ANY camera. I remember that day, the ride down a quiet road through red dirt hills under aContinue reading “Haiku | Red Dirt”

Haiku (here come the road trip poems)

out at the crossroadsa macaw on a road tripfree bird, pretty boy We’ve been home a week and I am sorting through what I brought back with me from this year‘s camping road trip. I’ve decided to keep things in chronological order, at least for now… . so here’s a haiku and a polaroid fromContinue reading “Haiku (here come the road trip poems)”

Square Stroll

I took a slow stroll around the squareI saw a man witha Westie who ambushed children the woman from the cafelooking at real estatein a window three men with beardsdiscussing the theatre“And then, my character says. . . . “ a new fancy restaurantin the old post office buildingTexas Formal dress required the wonderful presenceContinue reading “Square Stroll”

Live from the beach – a video prompt

The beach is a poemIn sand and sun, waves and timeA poem without words Greetings from the beach! How about this – what if the video at the top of this post was a poem prompt? I don’t need it now, because I am there, but I’ll need it when I’m back home and daydreamingContinue reading “Live from the beach – a video prompt”


waves of blue followingthe highway’s undulationa lupine ribbondrawn across the hill countrybrought on by autumn rainsa sky-shadow trailingunderneaththe stars official mascot of the vernal seasonprotected, reveredimmortalized in every artespecially family photoswhere posing groups leave behindflattened sectionssoon to be filled by flattenedpatties left by the soft-eyed grazerswhose great warm lipsenjoy this new offering each spring TexansContinue reading “Bluebonnet”


The night the windcame to lifethere were headlights shiningdown the beachinterrupting the darknessin our thin cocoon The walls bowedswollen from the outsidepushing against the edgesof our dreamstossing the mattresslike a boat on an angry seatent ribs cracked and groanedceiling rose and fell withdeep ragged breathsenergy swirled,let out of its boxwith a vengeanceturning canvas flapsinto wildContinue reading “Wind”


Aloft on salt airpelicans patrol the dunes,punch holes in the waves Watching the squadrons of pelicans soar in formation back and forth from the water to their nesting grounds all day was a treat that made even the collapse of our tent at 2am worthwhile! Anybody else have beach-camping mishaps both awesome and awful?? ThankContinue reading “Pelicans”