I think, therefore I am: beautifulin a simple, smiling kind of a wayvelvety, underfoot, a little somethingto remember me by Let me ease your heartwith bard songs that bringsweet nothings to mind Carry me close, sprinkle mewith sugar and I willgarnish your days,a lion-hearted darlinggracing the garden with a flourishof loamy, bright color-splash Oh theContinue reading “Pansy”


Litte frogs hopping along by the water,as you wish, growing wilderby the day in May My chin will tell the truth:stick after stick of your namesakedisappears in the kitchen,but we don’t welcome you thereunless tamed and sad in a jartrail free, little leapers,in a spill of sunshineacross the open field May flower mania continues! ThankContinue reading “Buttercup”


Says Bee, with glee: John Jacob,is that you? . . . . Ah me,I see, I mistook you for Daisy.Butterfly and I cameflying by, for a quick visit.Whatever your name is, wethink you’re sweet, and couldplay in your purplefrills all day. Channeling Emily here – plus how great is the suit on the guy inContinue reading “Aster”


Showy knot of gathered shamedon’t punish us with your absencefor such a slight as this trowel’sdisturbance Mischief peeks out from amongyour skirts, where your eye hides,bashful – I see you pretendingto not see me, your pentitent gardener I give you my slight bowin return for your precious head,Olympic daughter, bringall your glory to the goldenContinue reading “Peony”