Litte frogs hopping along by the water,as you wish, growing wilderby the day in May My chin will tell the truth:stick after stick of your namesakedisappears in the kitchen,but we don’t welcome you thereunless tamed and sad in a jartrail free, little leapers,in a spill of sunshineacross the open field May flower mania continues! ThankContinue reading “Buttercup”


waves of blue followingthe highway’s undulationa lupine ribbondrawn across the hill countrybrought on by autumn rainsa sky-shadow trailingunderneaththe stars official mascot of the vernal seasonprotected, reveredimmortalized in every artespecially family photoswhere posing groups leave behindflattened sectionssoon to be filled by flattenedpatties left by the soft-eyed grazerswhose great warm lipsenjoy this new offering each spring TexansContinue reading “Bluebonnet”