Nostalgia is a warm soft beddowny, drowsy, a burrowwell insulated by last year’s leaf-fallthe earth turned and fragrantwelcoming a snug hollowwhere memory can dwell what slept all year awakens nowbrought forth by the changing light,the yawning season stretches and emergesbedhead crazy wild withprolonged hibernation,stuck with twigs and leaves like an old nest the kitchen fillsContinue reading “Remembrance”


Autumn began andI sat and listened to thecars rushing somewherealong some busy roadbeyond the fences and yardsof the neighborhoodand to the birdspeeping intermittentlychecking in on one anotherlike like bellhops at thetree motel There were sirens, also,and there was some hammering Autumn began andI sat and watched whilethe sky faded and the lightdrained away like bathContinue reading “Equinox”

Fucus canaliculatus (pelvetia) – channel wrack, Dúlamán

Brave branches gracefullyattending the daily fluxmingling with the grassesthat dance atop the salty cliffs Hear your fronds singwhen you come up for air:gentle daughter,feed me in my time of needguide this travelerinto the beautiful shoesthat enliven my path The research for this last poem in my series based on Anna Atkins’ cyanotypes took me downContinue reading “Fucus canaliculatus (pelvetia) – channel wrack, Dúlamán”

Laminaria saccharina – sugar kelp, tangle, Devil’s apron

Cold water comfortsweet forest homefor secret wide-eyed water-dartersnow a tangle-rooted knifeupon the page Would the devil wear youaround his fiery wasteas he prowled among the shore? Let the waves push thatunwelcome long fellow backinto the deep,where time’s corruption waits Just one more left in my Anna Atkins’ cyanotype ekphrastic series! Last poem will run tomorrow.Continue reading “Laminaria saccharina – sugar kelp, tangle, Devil’s apron”

Cytoseira fibrosa (baccata) – berry-like

Little lemons full of airrafts pulling delicate lifefrom the depth of pools,branches floating toward the lightwhite berries in a wash of bluestill firing connections,still holding tightly to the common thread This is the third poem in my series based on Cyanotypes by Anna Atkins. Thank you for reading!

Himanthalia lorea (elongata) – Sea thong / Sea spaghetti

How you chase the daylightas it departs at the end of the yearshooting out among the rocksto leave your markbefore the moon pulls you,gathering deep pilesin great sandy knotsworthy of our efforts to untie Foodie beach delight,noodle-heaped upon a plate This poem is the second in my series of ekphrastic writing on cyanotypes by AnnaContinue reading “Himanthalia lorea (elongata) – Sea thong / Sea spaghetti”

Laminaria digitata – Oarweed

Great hand, whose fingersraked through the seano longer holding fastbut now your ghost displayedas it reached for the suna dream of the meadowswhere your brothers and sistersswayed with applausedelight of urchins,a tidal clapbreaking free to rush alongsideswarthy boats,palm to palm with the oars I’m not sure how much of a deal I’ve made about itContinue reading “Laminaria digitata – Oarweed”

Sky Jewelry

In the wee hoursthe stars blanketed the skythe Milky Way stretchedand constellation rhinestonespunctuated the darkness The stars in Colorado were incredible. We were lucky with the moon (I’m guessing it was either pretty new or rising very, VERY late, or maybe both). The photo I’m using for this post wasn’t made there – this wasContinue reading “Sky Jewelry”