the field is a constellation of colora vast universe dotted with petal’d starswhere harvesters buzz like beesarmed with scissorsfor take-home delightsthat don’t lastthe crystal autumn sky watcheswithout emotionthrowing down rays of dustto nourish the future,who buds in quiet industryin spite of the invading hoards This poem is about the field of zinnias at a pumpkinContinue reading “Zinnia”


buttoned up with meaning,like clockwork in the skythroughout the year,a garland of desire likea field of bristling sunsgravely marching to dotheir business with thegreat beyond, equal to bothsides of life’s coin: weddings and funeralsjoy and loss take it or leave it,stuff your pockets full of gold I can’t think of marigolds without thinking about thatContinue reading “Marigold”


(For the full Super Flower Moon, May 2022) what more can I say about the moon? my daughter read an articleon rabies that scared the witsout of her, so I am thinkingabout all the wild thingsmarauding out therein the ghostly super light the earth’s shadowscrapes its way across her facea raw red nailturning the whiteContinue reading “Eclipse”


waves of blue followingthe highway’s undulationa lupine ribbondrawn across the hill countrybrought on by autumn rainsa sky-shadow trailingunderneaththe stars official mascot of the vernal seasonprotected, reveredimmortalized in every artespecially family photoswhere posing groups leave behindflattened sectionssoon to be filled by flattenedpatties left by the soft-eyed grazerswhose great warm lipsenjoy this new offering each spring TexansContinue reading “Bluebonnet”


Showy knot of gathered shamedon’t punish us with your absencefor such a slight as this trowel’sdisturbance Mischief peeks out from amongyour skirts, where your eye hides,bashful – I see you pretendingto not see me, your pentitent gardener I give you my slight bowin return for your precious head,Olympic daughter, bringall your glory to the goldenContinue reading “Peony”


sweet scented beating heart of passionnamed deliverer of 1000 declarationsand 10,000 apologiesthe thorn in the side of loversa petaled face among the brushwild, ready to peck at the prideof the faint of heart Flower poem #1! Part of my process in writing this poem, and all the ones that will follow this month – afterContinue reading “Rose”

The Language of Flowers

speak to me in the waft ofpetal stamen language pollinate my thoughts witha breath as sweet as the firstwarm wind of spring teach me beauty and brevityand the easy joy of the momentthe wisdom of leaving a simplelife attached to its rootsI know the ruin of clippers and spadesI know the trauma of transplantation showContinue reading “The Language of Flowers”

Nip | Nostalgia Nibbles Most in Autumn

That nip in the air isthe little ping of nostalgia isa tickle in your nose isthe tantalizing aroma of earth ismingled with wood smoke isozoney comfort of rain coming isa good excuse for baking iscoziness and hominess all rolled into one isa blanket and slipper socks issnug as the cat by the fire isremembering whereContinue reading “Nip | Nostalgia Nibbles Most in Autumn”