Nostalgia is a warm soft beddowny, drowsy, a burrowwell insulated by last year’s leaf-fallthe earth turned and fragrantwelcoming a snug hollowwhere memory can dwell what slept all year awakens nowbrought forth by the changing light,the yawning season stretches and emergesbedhead crazy wild withprolonged hibernation,stuck with twigs and leaves like an old nest the kitchen fillsContinue reading “Remembrance”


seeds within the orange month of sweetness:the cauldron full of candyspooks that knock for treatsplaying tricks on the memory time folds, past meets presentlike a ghost in the machinesuddenly showing its face night gathers, softensthe faithful beat a path through the cornfieldamazement-bound forthe labyrinth of childhoodthat never really ends Fall has always been my favoriteContinue reading “October”

Cafe Tanka

breaking the silencebrooding over the laptops:a loud group of friendssocializing is daringparticipating in life When I was young I remember coffee shops / coffee houses as lively places I would frequent to hear live music and hang out with my friends. We would talk and laugh, people watch and play games. Nowadays it seems likeContinue reading “Cafe Tanka”

My Environment

Lacking gills, I am of the airLacking wings, I do my breathingwith my feet on solid ground I breathe easier when I am carrying less weight;the extra weight I shift to the airy etherof the Everlasting Arms,when I can Always I live in an embracesometimes it is four wallsconcrete and exhaustvisited by bursts of wingsContinue reading “My Environment”


For the past few years, I’ve written poems for the Inktober prompts, because I can’t resist a ready-made list and I love the randomness of it, plus the challenge! I have completed all 31 a couple of times, but last year I pooped out partway through. My dream is to find an artist to partnerContinue reading “Poemtober”


Autumn began andI sat and listened to thecars rushing somewherealong some busy roadbeyond the fences and yardsof the neighborhoodand to the birdspeeping intermittentlychecking in on one anotherlike like bellhops at thetree motel There were sirens, also,and there was some hammering Autumn began andI sat and watched whilethe sky faded and the lightdrained away like bathContinue reading “Equinox”


The Pope to the Sculptor, “Paint!”Michelangelo, “No thanks.”Replied the Pope, “That wasn’t a request.Now I trust you to do your very best.” Back and forthand round and rounduntil the ceiling was completed. Reluctant artistmade a workthat can never be repeated. This poem was inspired by a recent outing to see the Sistine Chapel exhibit inContinue reading “Sistine”


Every night the cat comes and roosts next to me. Even if she has been attending to another member of the family, there is always the moment of her padding lightly and with purpose across the comforter like so much thick snow and settling herself, back turned, tail flicking, nonchalant and without obvious expectation unlessContinue reading “Patience”


Absorbed by lightcapering daily to capture itwithin the net of my lenswhat eyes see andother senses perceivewritten downphoton by photonthrough chemical layersand into silverwhose monochromaticradiance dancesacross a scaleback into the eyetransformedshimmering witha glitter beyondwhat gold can purchasea gift of memoryinto years thathave yet to comean emulsionstanding in itsown brillianceagainst the rush of time Readers, IContinue reading “Pictured”