Late July

August is knocking at the doora hot mess of back-to-schoolwith new shoes, pencils, anda new backpack It used to be thatkids got to run wildduring the dog days,endless sprinkler partiesand popsicle sleepovers Now they are luckyfor any vacation, any gaspsof time blissfully awayfrom the hard thumb of authority,the arch and watchful eyeof educational agendas,the crackContinue reading “Late July”

Towards Divide

cloud on the mountainwe swim through the fog like milkspilled from God’s garden The road out of Colorado Springs towards Divide, Colorado is a beautiful one that (fortunately) we had seen before. On the day we drove in for the first time this trip, a cloud was sitting on it in spectacular fashion, to whereContinue reading “Towards Divide”

Haiku | Red Dirt

folded, rolling skyover wide open countryred dirt, golden sun I don’t feel like this photograph I’ve given you above accurately portrays the landscape, but I don’t know if it’s possible for me to do it justice with ANY camera. I remember that day, the ride down a quiet road through red dirt hills under aContinue reading “Haiku | Red Dirt”

Haiku (here come the road trip poems)

out at the crossroadsa macaw on a road tripfree bird, pretty boy We’ve been home a week and I am sorting through what I brought back with me from this year‘s camping road trip. I’ve decided to keep things in chronological order, at least for now… . so here’s a haiku and a polaroid fromContinue reading “Haiku (here come the road trip poems)”

Summer Song | Solstice

These days of sun and languorwhere a cool breeze brings aclash with Mother Nature,interrupting what she’s busycooking up, with a clash ofpots and pans her face likea thunderclap she shoutsfrom the threshold, letting anoven blast unleash fromthe open door This time of cats in pools oflight from the blazing windowand dogs smiling in theshade, tonguesContinue reading “Summer Song | Solstice”

Square Stroll

I took a slow stroll around the squareI saw a man witha Westie who ambushed children the woman from the cafelooking at real estatein a window three men with beardsdiscussing the theatre“And then, my character says. . . . “ a new fancy restaurantin the old post office buildingTexas Formal dress required the wonderful presenceContinue reading “Square Stroll”


At dusk the birds havea lot to say to each othereverybody has a lot ofcatching up to do, aftertheir busy days Perched together at last,there are meals to recount,close calls with danger(in the form of snakes,or cars, or cats)new friends made,who has hatchlings andwho is still waiting The evening fills up withtheir noisy chatty banter,soContinue reading “June”