Square Stroll

I took a slow stroll around the squareI saw a man witha Westie who ambushed children the woman from the cafelooking at real estatein a window three men with beardsdiscussing the theatre“And then, my character says. . . . “ a new fancy restaurantin the old post office buildingTexas Formal dress required the wonderful presenceContinue reading “Square Stroll”


At dusk the birds havea lot to say to each othereverybody has a lot ofcatching up to do, aftertheir busy days Perched together at last,there are meals to recount,close calls with danger(in the form of snakes,or cars, or cats)new friends made,who has hatchlings andwho is still waiting The evening fills up withtheir noisy chatty banter,soContinue reading “June”

Live from the beach – a video prompt

The beach is a poemIn sand and sun, waves and timeA poem without words Greetings from the beach! How about this – what if the video at the top of this post was a poem prompt? I don’t need it now, because I am there, but I’ll need it when I’m back home and daydreamingContinue reading “Live from the beach – a video prompt”

Packing for the Beach

Shade – because there won’t be anytake some from the dark cornersat the back of the pantrybring a little of the gloamy coolnessthat lurks under the trees in the yard Flip flops – that you won’t wearbecause the wet sands sucks at them,turning them into heel-paddling liabilities a hat for the wind to steal clothesContinue reading “Packing for the Beach”


Stellar’s jaya western tanagerred bellied hummingbirdcruising by like a tiny bomberyesterday a hawksoaring through the binoculars the herd of buffalo by the roadregarding us without interestdeer in the parking lotin Alamosacrossing the streetslike they own the place (they do) chipmunks will eatright out of your handsthere’s a squirrelwho goes off like a lasergun every morningshotsContinue reading “Colorado”

June Rain

Grey lady walksacross the landgatheringvisits the coast, wades out to sealassos the waterspoutcollecting raindrops Scales the mountainsto pine needle musicharbors a cache of snowscooping up the wind Sweeps across the plainsraking armloads of sunshinefrom the skycomes away withpocketfuls of heat High steps over mesascombing wild hairwith wands of ocotillo Leaves dancing footprintsin the dustgracious fingersContinue reading “June Rain”


Several states awayshe readslines of MidsummerIt will be over beforeshe getsto return homeShe won’t tell mehow she really feelsso I don’t really knowand I, too, readMidsummerat homein the dark A poem from 2020, from my Medium archive. Funny how parenting shows up in so much of my creative work. . . . Thank you forContinue reading “Summer”