Autumn began andI sat and listened to thecars rushing somewherealong some busy roadbeyond the fences and yardsof the neighborhoodand to the birdspeeping intermittentlychecking in on one anotherlike like bellhops at thetree motel There were sirens, also,and there was some hammering Autumn began andI sat and watched whilethe sky faded and the lightdrained away like bathContinue reading “Equinox”

Square Stroll

I took a slow stroll around the squareI saw a man witha Westie who ambushed children the woman from the cafelooking at real estatein a window three men with beardsdiscussing the theatre“And then, my character says. . . . “ a new fancy restaurantin the old post office buildingTexas Formal dress required the wonderful presenceContinue reading “Square Stroll”


At dusk the birds havea lot to say to each othereverybody has a lot ofcatching up to do, aftertheir busy days Perched together at last,there are meals to recount,close calls with danger(in the form of snakes,or cars, or cats)new friends made,who has hatchlings andwho is still waiting The evening fills up withtheir noisy chatty banter,soContinue reading “June”


I let the evening absorbinto my skinas the light fadesI let it soak into mesunset streaks and littlepinches of early starspunctuate the gloom,become ornaments forthe magical blanketof twilight thatI’m gathering about me smoke from the grillrises through the treeslike an Appalachiamountain exhalingghostly gossamer rays intothe encroaching nightthe lamps click on with asoft invitationbut they areContinue reading “Fall”