Cafe Tanka

breaking the silencebrooding over the laptops:a loud group of friendssocializing is daringparticipating in life When I was young I remember coffee shops / coffee houses as lively places I would frequent to hear live music and hang out with my friends. We would talk and laugh, people watch and play games. Nowadays it seems likeContinue reading “Cafe Tanka”

Sky Jewelry

In the wee hoursthe stars blanketed the skythe Milky Way stretchedand constellation rhinestonespunctuated the darkness The stars in Colorado were incredible. We were lucky with the moon (I’m guessing it was either pretty new or rising very, VERY late, or maybe both). The photo I’m using for this post wasn’t made there – this wasContinue reading “Sky Jewelry”

Wild Parrots

a flock of parrotsconcealed in the old quarryon their own missiona flight on green summer wingsurban tropical surprise While we were visiting the mission, this poem happened! This is the second time we have seen wild parrots somewhere we would never have expected it (the first was around a large rain puddle in a parkingContinue reading “Wild Parrots”

Sunday Tanka

On Sunday morningeverywhere smells of breakfasteggs, biscuits, baconwaffles in the cramped lobbycoffee at the gas station Back home now from our annual summer camping road trip, I’m trying to settle in again, but reading this tanka I wrote on the morning that took us to Colorado makes me long to head out again! Thank youContinue reading “Sunday Tanka”