Packing for the Beach

Shade – because there won’t be anytake some from the dark cornersat the back of the pantrybring a little of the gloamy coolnessthat lurks under the trees in the yard Flip flops – that you won’t wearbecause the wet sands sucks at them,turning them into heel-paddling liabilities a hat for the wind to steal clothesContinue reading “Packing for the Beach”


Some are long and straightroads you can fly downwheels hovering on grains of dustrunways crisscrossing the high desertkicking you west some are barely roads at allgnarled and humpedas rheumatic knucklesroads you have to traverse at a crawldragging your belly over rocksthrough potholes lined with cacti some roads are alivewith sand dancingsnaking patterns from the duneswhisperingContinue reading “Roads”


Stellar’s jaya western tanagerred bellied hummingbirdcruising by like a tiny bomberyesterday a hawksoaring through the binoculars the herd of buffalo by the roadregarding us without interestdeer in the parking lotin Alamosacrossing the streetslike they own the place (they do) chipmunks will eatright out of your handsthere’s a squirrelwho goes off like a lasergun every morningshotsContinue reading “Colorado”