Pride of parks and roundabouts in Britainwhere Wordsworth waxed ecstaticin his regard of those yellow hosts Bright faces perking up the lawnsof New York after a drearyendless winterwaving in the breeze like so manyflags pointing toward warmer daystrumpeting a new season I never noticed their absencein the south, dazzled insteadby the yellow face in theContinue reading “Daffodil”


waves of blue followingthe highway’s undulationa lupine ribbondrawn across the hill countrybrought on by autumn rainsa sky-shadow trailingunderneaththe stars official mascot of the vernal seasonprotected, reveredimmortalized in every artespecially family photoswhere posing groups leave behindflattened sectionssoon to be filled by flattenedpatties left by the soft-eyed grazerswhose great warm lipsenjoy this new offering each spring TexansContinue reading “Bluebonnet”


With sunshine and graceyou present your joyful faceto brighten this place Nourished by autumnthe seeds wait in secret hopefor the coming spring In storm the showersof restorative powers:the earth re-flowers And bees run the racea buzz of furious pacethrough the garden space So much more than commonplacefar too wild to be encased in a vaseLeaveContinue reading “Wildflowers”