Square Stroll

Georgetown, TX | 35mm film photo by author

I took a slow stroll around the square
I saw a man with
a Westie who ambushed children

the woman from the cafe
looking at real estate
in a window

three men with beards
discussing the theatre
“And then, my character says. . . . “

a new fancy restaurant
in the old post office building
Texas Formal dress required

the wonderful presence of a
classic car, convertable,
top wantoly left down
fawn colored leather seats
built like a boat to sail
down local streets, sharkin’

an old couple with their
own portable table set up
for wine and cheese from home

so many picnics

fathers double-fisting
plastic-cupped lidded beers,
hurrying back to the family blanket

I saw a summer Friday night
easily sighing its way
into being, a languid
lay back under the trees
and wait or the fireflies
evening sauntering in,
the real life of what tries
to remain a small town
in spite of an encroaching
city on the move,
the slow blossom of taking it easy,
the joy in spite of it all

I love my town, but I also have a special deep love for the next town north, with its fabulous old square which boasts the title of “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” – and I can’t argue with that! It’s a great place to hang out on a summer evening. Thanks for reading!

Published by amyjasek

Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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