Groundhog Day

Up north, trouble is steeping awaya cold brew in the worksan icy blue cloud on the weather maplike a smudge of something borrowedturning up where it doesn’t belong The kitchen is a greenhousesnug and tightly stocked as the fridgewhere heat, not freeze, means calamity But the storm, if it arrives, is hours awayso for nowContinue reading “Groundhog Day”

After the Front

After midnight the storm’s breathcame fast and fierce betweenthe houses, snuffingtrees and patio furniturelike errant candlesit gripped the stars and stripeslike a sail, unmooringour flagship with a single blowso it drifted into thedepths of the gardenfences folded like ahouse of cards, harkeningto the maelstrom’s beguiling whistle But you would never knowit now – if itContinue reading “After the Front”