Day by day. . . .

After spending over a year hemming and hawing, an email from Medium reminding me my membership was fixing to auto-renew finally galvanized my decision to leave there. I’m sorry to do it, because I met some wonderful people and the community atmosphere amongst the poets is – for the most part – tremendous, but atContinue reading “Day by day. . . .”

Poetry Is. . . .

TODAY! I installed an interdisciplinary community poetry meets cyanotype bonanza project that I started last year at the Round Rock Public Library. If you’re local, I would love for you to check it out! What you see above in the cell phone photo is a preview of the first piece of it in progress –Continue reading “Poetry Is. . . .”

Ch-ch-ch-changes. . . .

Welp, it’s been a challenging year for me so far, and the way I’ve responded to it is to push all creative endeavors to the background (except piano, that one is my outlet). I’m not writing much, and I’m not photographing much. By not much I mean barely at all. For a while, I’ve feltContinue reading “Ch-ch-ch-changes. . . .”