The Cloud

Written as a tribute to Shelley’s The Cloud on the 200th anniversary of his death Once I floated with heavy chokeabove these plains,poison laden, a viscous cocktailof ash and gasabove a boiling sea of rock My sisters rained to cool its wrathwho responded with a hissand a blackening visagethat would capsize if itcould only reachContinue reading “The Cloud”

June Rain

Grey lady walksacross the landgatheringvisits the coast, wades out to sealassos the waterspoutcollecting raindrops Scales the mountainsto pine needle musicharbors a cache of snowscooping up the wind Sweeps across the plainsraking armloads of sunshinefrom the skycomes away withpocketfuls of heat High steps over mesascombing wild hairwith wands of ocotillo Leaves dancing footprintsin the dustgracious fingersContinue reading “June Rain”