Mountain Time

In the mountains everything is too muchreading: too muchthinking: definitely over-muchwriting: maybe a little because grasshoppers are buzzingtheir tightly patterned bodiesthrough the meadowwhere butterflies are dancingto the beat a woodpecker drumsdown the hill in the pine and aspen forestwho sighs to let us know that the windis coming also because clouds are makingshadow pictures onContinue reading “Mountain Time”

Towards Divide

cloud on the mountainwe swim through the fog like milkspilled from God’s garden The road out of Colorado Springs towards Divide, Colorado is a beautiful one that (fortunately) we had seen before. On the day we drove in for the first time this trip, a cloud was sitting on it in spectacular fashion, to whereContinue reading “Towards Divide”


Stellar’s jaya western tanagerred bellied hummingbirdcruising by like a tiny bomberyesterday a hawksoaring through the binoculars the herd of buffalo by the roadregarding us without interestdeer in the parking lotin Alamosacrossing the streetslike they own the place (they do) chipmunks will eatright out of your handsthere’s a squirrelwho goes off like a lasergun every morningshotsContinue reading “Colorado”