At the Airport

traffic flows like a riverthe escalators are tributariesferrying passengers inand out of the main stream giant baggage bouldersmake rapids giant metal aquatic birdsdip downmake depositsdrink deep they leave againwith full belliesmigrating to the nextasphalt pond A little poem written while I waited at baggage claim at the airport. Thank you for reading!

Towards Divide

cloud on the mountainwe swim through the fog like milkspilled from God’s garden The road out of Colorado Springs towards Divide, Colorado is a beautiful one that (fortunately) we had seen before. On the day we drove in for the first time this trip, a cloud was sitting on it in spectacular fashion, to whereContinue reading “Towards Divide”

Hartley, TX

on the plainswith the grainsand the cattle ag’s rich battlefor a way of lifefree from strifeand city’s urban strangle out here they wranglenature, insteadof traffic’ssupply and demand out in the fielda ziggurat of haygrassland’s bountyspun into toweringbricks of gold Thank you for reading! Road trip poems continue. . . .

Haiku (here come the road trip poems)

out at the crossroadsa macaw on a road tripfree bird, pretty boy We’ve been home a week and I am sorting through what I brought back with me from this year‘s camping road trip. I’ve decided to keep things in chronological order, at least for now… . so here’s a haiku and a polaroid fromContinue reading “Haiku (here come the road trip poems)”

Sunday Tanka

On Sunday morningeverywhere smells of breakfasteggs, biscuits, baconwaffles in the cramped lobbycoffee at the gas station Back home now from our annual summer camping road trip, I’m trying to settle in again, but reading this tanka I wrote on the morning that took us to Colorado makes me long to head out again! Thank youContinue reading “Sunday Tanka”


Some are long and straightroads you can fly downwheels hovering on grains of dustrunways crisscrossing the high desertkicking you west some are barely roads at allgnarled and humpedas rheumatic knucklesroads you have to traverse at a crawldragging your belly over rocksthrough potholes lined with cacti some roads are alivewith sand dancingsnaking patterns from the duneswhisperingContinue reading “Roads”


Stellar’s jaya western tanagerred bellied hummingbirdcruising by like a tiny bomberyesterday a hawksoaring through the binoculars the herd of buffalo by the roadregarding us without interestdeer in the parking lotin Alamosacrossing the streetslike they own the place (they do) chipmunks will eatright out of your handsthere’s a squirrelwho goes off like a lasergun every morningshotsContinue reading “Colorado”

June Rain

Grey lady walksacross the landgatheringvisits the coast, wades out to sealassos the waterspoutcollecting raindrops Scales the mountainsto pine needle musicharbors a cache of snowscooping up the wind Sweeps across the plainsraking armloads of sunshinefrom the skycomes away withpocketfuls of heat High steps over mesascombing wild hairwith wands of ocotillo Leaves dancing footprintsin the dustgracious fingersContinue reading “June Rain”