New Project

For National Poetry Month, I labored fiercely over a self-imposed project of writing “letters” to poets using a specific form that I concocted by piecing together a couple of different odes. It was nothing short of a brain buster! I’ll admit I’m glad I finished it, that it’s over, and I can move on toContinue reading “New Project”

My Environment

Lacking gills, I am of the airLacking wings, I do my breathingwith my feet on solid ground I breathe easier when I am carrying less weight;the extra weight I shift to the airy etherof the Everlasting Arms,when I can Always I live in an embracesometimes it is four wallsconcrete and exhaustvisited by bursts of wingsContinue reading “My Environment”


For the past few years, I’ve written poems for the Inktober prompts, because I can’t resist a ready-made list and I love the randomness of it, plus the challenge! I have completed all 31 a couple of times, but last year I pooped out partway through. My dream is to find an artist to partnerContinue reading “Poemtober”


Absorbed by lightcapering daily to capture itwithin the net of my lenswhat eyes see andother senses perceivewritten downphoton by photonthrough chemical layersand into silverwhose monochromaticradiance dancesacross a scaleback into the eyetransformedshimmering witha glitter beyondwhat gold can purchasea gift of memoryinto years thathave yet to comean emulsionstanding in itsown brillianceagainst the rush of time Readers, IContinue reading “Pictured”

Publication news!

Well I write a poem about rejection letters and then a couple of days later I get one that’s acceptance! It’s like when you finally pull over to ask for directions and are told that the place you’re looking for is right around the next bend. I went out on a limb and submitted aContinue reading “Publication news!”

Rejection Letters

always there is the questionand how you will answer will it be a yesto the trying, the idea of itthe theory of possible successshining like a diamondin that dim uncertain futureyou attempt to not consider but like that last piece ofchocolate cake in the kitcheneven at midnight you knowthe diamond is thereand someone will reachContinue reading “Rejection Letters”

At Work

The Romantics wrote poemsto pay for European walking toursWordsworth and Coleridgetraipsing across the Alpswith boots and packsmade of words. Jules Verne quit his jobon the stock market, havingbrokered himself such agolden position, penningthe extraordinary, he pouredout jingling tickets withhis morning cereal. In classic Russian novelsthere are poets by tradenot just by name or naturefiery broodingContinue reading “At Work”

Poem prompt!

Because I subscribe to the Paris Review – one of the two magazines whose subscriptions I can’t bear to cancel yet even tho the rest have gone the way of economy (sigh) – I get daily emails from them with lovely poems. On the 22nd, the poem was the one you see in the aboveContinue reading “Poem prompt!”

The Ariel

Lashing out, fair rationsthe slap and stingof salt waves mixedwith snowice and fire, a cold burnswirl and tumult ofupturned cargo and soulsnearly founderingwith progress breathlessfor the suffrage of a new life This is the second of three ekphrastic poems I wrote at the Kimbell Art Museum during their exhibition of Turner paintings earlier this year.Continue reading “The Ariel”