Towards Divide

Digital photo by author | lensbaby lens

cloud on the mountain
we swim through the fog like milk
spilled from God’s garden

The road out of Colorado Springs towards Divide, Colorado is a beautiful one that (fortunately) we had seen before. On the day we drove in for the first time this trip, a cloud was sitting on it in spectacular fashion, to where we couldn’t even see stop lights in the distance. It was an interesting experience! Here’s another photo, since I had trouble choosing between the two. . . and as usual, it’s impossible for me to convey with a camera how otherworldly it was. . . .

Foggy road part II

By the time we got to our campsite, the cloud had lifted and the sun was out. People say the sea is changeable in terms of weather but my goodness the mountains could give her a run for her money if you ask me. Thank you for reading!

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