Poem prompt!

Because I subscribe to the Paris Review – one of the two magazines whose subscriptions I can’t bear to cancel yet even tho the rest have gone the way of economy (sigh) – I get daily emails from them with lovely poems. On the 22nd, the poem was the one you see in the aboveContinue reading “Poem prompt!”

Lies, Big and Little

I’ll tell you lies,sweet little onesor big fat juicy ones I’ll tell you howthe morning whipped inlike a windstormand last night fearpounded on the doorfrom 3 to 5 amuntil four of my neighborshopped the fenceto restrain himthen we all sat in the grassand watched the sun risesinging hymnsand passing a joint around I’ll tell youContinue reading “Lies, Big and Little”

Shaking the tree

we had it out, inspiration & I she got tired of my attitudeand left, taking the entirebasket of fruit with her always nimble,she climbed to the highestbranches before there wereeven any leaves I could see herfrom the second storey window,broodingover apple after apple it was quiet in the housequiet inside my head the sun moved,Continue reading “Shaking the tree”


my face is riverstonethe bedrock smooth and sculptedby eons of rushing waterand the dry season’s wind ruts and valleys channeled inby the laughter of a babbling brook,pebbles deposited under the eyeswhose stillness are the poolsnear the banks, where moss andalgae rest, green, sometimes blue,with flecks of visiting dragonfly the long line of my nose istheContinue reading “Face”

Day by day. . . .

After spending over a year hemming and hawing, an email from Medium reminding me my membership was fixing to auto-renew finally galvanized my decision to leave there. I’m sorry to do it, because I met some wonderful people and the community atmosphere amongst the poets is – for the most part – tremendous, but atContinue reading “Day by day. . . .”

Between the Golden Bars

From a bird in a gilded cage Pecking at the walls of invested desireFeed the well a doubloonIt spits back an ingotVaults of piggies full to the brimGenerations of interest ensuredBut coins in the mattressPoke holes in retirementGreen paper wallsTear and burnBetween the golden barsGleams a life with all the trappingsLuminous bowls in the lapContinue reading “Between the Golden Bars”

Hatch Chilis

Heat portalsthe bright flavor of the desertgreen horns that lengthenedunder the wide southwestern eyethey sail the turquoise seato land in this humble space Lift the hatch: behold the fire within Another poem from my Kitchen Collection! You can see more of them here on my photo website. Thank you for reading!


Washed up treasurescoated in a briny rindeven feathers bring it homesalty seaside perfume lingersbut mostly it’s the sandthat sticks with youthe constant scratch of the tide Stand there all dayfeet sinking, casting your wordstoward the deephands waving offeringsto the gulls The billowing roarswallows it all It’s the rhythm that remainsa drowning currentin your heartlong afterContinue reading “Ocean”


my shadow is tallshe can reach all the glasseson the top shelf she fills them to the brimwith strong cocktailsbecause alcohol doesn’tbother her stomach,and neither does anyquantity or combination of food she drives fastand says “f*ck it”more than I do, becausethat field of hers really is barrenand she lords over ita lanky scarecrow inbright redContinue reading “Shadow”