Sky Jewelry

In the wee hoursthe stars blanketed the skythe Milky Way stretchedand constellation rhinestonespunctuated the darkness The stars in Colorado were incredible. We were lucky with the moon (I’m guessing it was either pretty new or rising very, VERY late, or maybe both). The photo I’m using for this post wasn’t made there – this wasContinue reading “Sky Jewelry”

Mountain Time

In the mountains everything is too muchreading: too muchthinking: definitely over-muchwriting: maybe a little because grasshoppers are buzzingtheir tightly patterned bodiesthrough the meadowwhere butterflies are dancingto the beat a woodpecker drumsdown the hill in the pine and aspen forestwho sighs to let us know that the windis coming also because clouds are makingshadow pictures onContinue reading “Mountain Time”

Wild Horses

In the glitter of the mountain morning, dew heavy enough on the ground to make a thirst content, they wandered with peaceful silence into the bowl of the meadow. Hushed hooves made no sound in the padded pine straw. A whole family, coats slick and rich as burnished mahogany, a proud patriarch and his ladies, plus youngsters. He watched us as we watched them, blinking Queen Mab out of our eyes, dream-checking. His displeasure at my approach came heavy and quick from the velvet of his muzzle.