Absorbed by lightcapering daily to capture itwithin the net of my lenswhat eyes see andother senses perceivewritten downphoton by photonthrough chemical layersand into silverwhose monochromaticradiance dancesacross a scaleback into the eyetransformedshimmering witha glitter beyondwhat gold can purchasea gift of memoryinto years thathave yet to comean emulsionstanding in itsown brillianceagainst the rush of time Readers, IContinue reading “Pictured”

Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet

Oh bum thou often subject of fine artWhose shining cheeks would gleam out of the stoneYour symmetry has captured many heartsWhose charm lies surely not in form aloneA cushion fine for man to sit uponYour graces hid beneath a garment’s shroudYet not a welcome sight out on the lawnAnd not fit to be seen amongContinue reading “Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet”

Hatch Chilis

Heat portalsthe bright flavor of the desertgreen horns that lengthenedunder the wide southwestern eyethey sail the turquoise seato land in this humble space Lift the hatch: behold the fire within Another poem from my Kitchen Collection! You can see more of them here on my photo website. Thank you for reading!


Layered knotsgrains arrangedand linked togetherbound by the handsthat tied them,the heatthat made them One,life and lovegraceful slices on a platefrom rich, sustainingloaves Back in the summer of 2020 I got all fired up over the idea of writing a bunch of poems about food – and I DID write a bunch of them! I calledContinue reading “Challah”