My Environment

Lacking gills, I am of the airLacking wings, I do my breathingwith my feet on solid ground I breathe easier when I am carrying less weight;the extra weight I shift to the airy etherof the Everlasting Arms,when I can Always I live in an embracesometimes it is four wallsconcrete and exhaustvisited by bursts of wingsContinue reading “My Environment”

Day by day. . . .

After spending over a year hemming and hawing, an email from Medium reminding me my membership was fixing to auto-renew finally galvanized my decision to leave there. I’m sorry to do it, because I met some wonderful people and the community atmosphere amongst the poets is – for the most part – tremendous, but atContinue reading “Day by day. . . .”

In Translation | The Space In Between

The empty space between two peoplewhere everything gets lostvenom floats in the supercharged atmosphereof an argument ready to ignite Words unspoken float in between roomsfill up vacant seats in cars and restaurantsbecome the hollow pillow of regret next to youin the bed while through the open windowlost letters drift falling in fat lazy flakesthat soakContinue reading “In Translation | The Space In Between”

Ideal | On Not Waiting for Perfection

They keep Ideal on the top shelfI stand on my tip toes, I still can’t reachit takes a stack of chairs, topped with a pile of booksit takes stealth, so they don’t catch me at iteven at the top, it evades my grasp I push against the cabinetsweat and shove to knock it downbut itContinue reading “Ideal | On Not Waiting for Perfection”

Me Time | A Mother’s Limerick

Reading in bed, what delight!Yet this “me” time is never quite rightFor as soon as I layI’m so pooped from the dayIt’s as if someone snuffed out the light. The grammar stickler in me worries that the use of “lay” is improper; I’ve left it, however, because of the rhyme. Where are my fellow mamasContinue reading “Me Time | A Mother’s Limerick”


In these languid, hug-free daysof strictly enforced distancemy head against his heartbeatdelivers the echo of my footstepson the road homethis small act of communionis the ground that brings meback to my reference pointcurrent passes between ustelegraphing messages conductedthrough physical connectionthis, my safety planeproviding the earth for my system to rest uponthe circuits click with theContinue reading “Ground”

Titles | Self Imposed Definitions

I am the Queenof being wrongThe Princessof lossAn Expertat shelving my dreamsI wrote a thesison the disappointment that comes from the misplaced hopethat people will change for the betterI have conqueredthe fact that standing up for myself or othersalways gets me punched back downI’m an Absolute Proat failureMy confidence is excellentat being swiftly annihilatedI amContinue reading “Titles | Self Imposed Definitions”