Bang | The Tale of a Nail

The fine point of truth that joinsturning the refinement of forest titansinto the resolute skeleton that shelterswhole orchards of human soulspiecing the perching place of birdstogether into the plane of refreshment The spike that needs a strike to do its jobpneumatic’s fire, or hammer’s poundupon the blunter end will do the trickholding treasures to wallsstringingContinue reading “Bang | The Tale of a Nail”

June Rain

Grey lady walksacross the landgatheringvisits the coast, wades out to sealassos the waterspoutcollecting raindrops Scales the mountainsto pine needle musicharbors a cache of snowscooping up the wind Sweeps across the plainsraking armloads of sunshinefrom the skycomes away withpocketfuls of heat High steps over mesascombing wild hairwith wands of ocotillo Leaves dancing footprintsin the dustgracious fingersContinue reading “June Rain”

Taking Sides

the Joyful Conqueror arm wrestlesthe Sorrowful Scared Cynicwho’s used to losing Wild Dreamer kicksthe Careful Rule Followerin the shins under the tableso Sh*t-stirrer starts up,knocking over a chairinto Peacemaker, who spillsher drink onto the stifledRealist’s crisp white shirt the Diplomat steps forwardbut procrastinates for an instantand gets shoved out ofthe way by the Bitter GossipContinue reading “Taking Sides”