My Environment

Lacking gills, I am of the airLacking wings, I do my breathingwith my feet on solid ground I breathe easier when I am carrying less weight;the extra weight I shift to the airy etherof the Everlasting Arms,when I can Always I live in an embracesometimes it is four wallsconcrete and exhaustvisited by bursts of wingsContinue reading “My Environment”


I let the evening absorbinto my skinas the light fadesI let it soak into mesunset streaks and littlepinches of early starspunctuate the gloom,become ornaments forthe magical blanketof twilight thatI’m gathering about me smoke from the grillrises through the treeslike an Appalachiamountain exhalingghostly gossamer rays intothe encroaching nightthe lamps click on with asoft invitationbut they areContinue reading “Fall”

Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet

Oh bum thou often subject of fine artWhose shining cheeks would gleam out of the stoneYour symmetry has captured many heartsWhose charm lies surely not in form aloneA cushion fine for man to sit uponYour graces hid beneath a garment’s shroudYet not a welcome sight out on the lawnAnd not fit to be seen amongContinue reading “Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet”