Faulkner is a heavy weight of old grievancesunresolved, the fester of yearsburning an indignant holein a pocket full of rusty nailsthe bitter smell left upon thefingers that reach insidea taste like blood on the tongue It’s my Mother’s words about the familyhow her Daddy was the twin born lastseparated by mere momentsfrom the seat ofContinue reading “Absalom”

Bask | The Whiskered Exposition of a Verb

She flips and flopsa furry sponge soaking up the sunseeking fiery heat inside or outmaintaining a constant state of roastinside and outhot to the touchpat the pet and watch her glow This poem was in response to a verb prompt. How about those whiskers? The old girl is 100% pampered, 100% loved, 100% of theContinue reading “Bask | The Whiskered Exposition of a Verb”


He has always been thereSailor tongued superheropockets full of dirty jokesEach step of his was fourto little scrambling feetMy progress tethered to a pinkyWait, Daddy Powder kegs of emotionI didn’t understandwhere it came from, thenPunching holes in wallsHis motor always runningnever out of gasWait, Daddy An industry of creation, explorationThe salvation of artifactsin careful orderPatientContinue reading “Dad”