Absorbed by lightcapering daily to capture itwithin the net of my lenswhat eyes see andother senses perceivewritten downphoton by photonthrough chemical layersand into silverwhose monochromaticradiance dancesacross a scaleback into the eyetransformedshimmering witha glitter beyondwhat gold can purchasea gift of memoryinto years thathave yet to comean emulsionstanding in itsown brillianceagainst the rush of time Readers, IContinue reading “Pictured”

Through a Pinhole

the prick of a pinopens the darkened chamberto light — sufficeswith a broad embracereleases the pressurefrom obscurity, and softlyfocuses the desire to create what our ancestors knewwe refine, from raw to rawin matchboxes, beer cans,tea tins, even books the lightest touchwith piercing and tapebridges the divideflings wide the gate A little poem for World PinholeContinue reading “Through a Pinhole”