Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet

Paris, possible the Louvre, 2001ish, 35mm film photo (photo by the author)

Oh bum thou often subject of fine art
Whose shining cheeks would gleam out of the stone
Your symmetry has captured many hearts
Whose charm lies surely not in form alone
A cushion fine for man to sit upon
Your graces hid beneath a garment’s shroud
Yet not a welcome sight out on the lawn
And not fit to be seen among the crowd
The seat of punishment for naughty child
A paddle makes the tears fall swift and hard
Yet after meals of beans so meek and mild
Sweet air transforms the moon into a bard
So long as legs join hips and man can run
So long will we salute you, graceful buns

There’s a story behind this, of course, that includes me wanting to write a sonnet and asking the youngest member of the family for a topic: thus began my series of body sonnets! You never know when inspiration will sneak up and pop you on the derriere.

Funnily enough, this is the only poem of mine that was ever curated on Medium. It was also the start of what became a series of Body Sonnets, which in turn became a series of cyanotypes, and then became the second half of a book plus an exhibition and WOOHOO I did a reading at the opening!

Here’s the book

And here’s my YouTube where you can see me read a couple of the poems.

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Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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