World Cyanotype Day

Happy World Cyanotype Day, friends! I realize this might seem like a strange thing to talk about here on my poetry blog, but if you’ve spent more than a minute here you probably know that I think of everything as being interconnected. Also, I like to pair my cyanotype prints with my writing. AND IContinue reading “World Cyanotype Day”

Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet

Oh bum thou often subject of fine artWhose shining cheeks would gleam out of the stoneYour symmetry has captured many heartsWhose charm lies surely not in form aloneA cushion fine for man to sit uponYour graces hid beneath a garment’s shroudYet not a welcome sight out on the lawnAnd not fit to be seen amongContinue reading “Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet”

A Pair of Italian Sonnets

Pristine Sistine: at the Vatican I walked and walked through halls of wondertil at last I reached the endwhere God’s own voice resounds like thunderfrom images well known as friends In awe beneath that gorgeous ceilingsequestered as a holy choiceoverwhelmed with thoughts and feelingsbrought back to earth by recorded noise Quiet! and No pictures, please!LoudlyContinue reading “A Pair of Italian Sonnets”