Every night the cat comes and roosts next to me. Even if she has been attending to another member of the family, there is always the moment of her padding lightly and with purpose across the comforter like so much thick snow and settling herself, back turned, tail flicking, nonchalant and without obvious expectation unlessContinue reading “Patience”


I let the evening absorbinto my skinas the light fadesI let it soak into mesunset streaks and littlepinches of early starspunctuate the gloom,become ornaments forthe magical blanketof twilight thatI’m gathering about me smoke from the grillrises through the treeslike an Appalachiamountain exhalingghostly gossamer rays intothe encroaching nightthe lamps click on with asoft invitationbut they areContinue reading “Fall”

Hatch Chilis

Heat portalsthe bright flavor of the desertgreen horns that lengthenedunder the wide southwestern eyethey sail the turquoise seato land in this humble space Lift the hatch: behold the fire within Another poem from my Kitchen Collection! You can see more of them here on my photo website. Thank you for reading!


In the morning the doves’ lamentmixes with the hum of distant trafficand lawnmowersa conversation bouncingbetween the treeslanguage following the networkof branches and shade, cover There are hawks in this neighborhoodwho also listento the deep breasted plea for lovethat echoes from thoselight hollow boneswhile squirrels scratchalong their fence highwayto fuss and chatterat the cat From myContinue reading “Morning”