Day by day. . . .

This morning’s creativity booster attempt center

After spending over a year hemming and hawing, an email from Medium reminding me my membership was fixing to auto-renew finally galvanized my decision to leave there. I’m sorry to do it, because I met some wonderful people and the community atmosphere amongst the poets is – for the most part – tremendous, but at the end of the day I am spread too thin being on multiple platforms, and if I have to choose I’d rather it be one that belongs only to me, rather than feeling like I am under the watchful brow of a parent organization. Granted, I don’t make money here on WordPress, but it would take me months of writing on Medium to earn enough for a trip to Starbucks. So, there ya go – lucky y’all (haha) are the only ones who get to read what drivel I push upon the world!

PS I didn’t delete my account, I just became a non-member. Because it’s entirely possible I’ll go back one day. Never say never.

I can feel myself opening back up to the creative journey. Maybe it’s the onset of summer, maybe the latest difficult period has run its course, maybe it’s the movement of the spheres, but I can feel the shell cracking and letting in a little light again. To that end, I hauled out a bunch of books (pictured above) to help jump-start the process. I have a little book on creativity that came either from Lomography with a Diana camera thing I purchased a couple of years ago, or it was in a Scribbler box, but anyway I started scribbling all over it and that got the ball rolling. You never know what will do it.

Also this book. . . . .

. . . . spoke the loudest to me and I’ve started working my way through it. When I’ve had a long dry & empty spell, I need a guided experience to unblock the channels and start me on the path again. The first exercise has to do with staring at yourself in the mirror – YIKES I do not find that fun, but I did it.

To end my rambling, here’s a little poem I got up from the piano to write the other day. Inspiration is starting to hit again at the most unlikely times. . . .

11th May

Today is a to-do, a now
and all that yesterday stuff
is like the memory of a sunset
that time at that place
with those people whose faces
have faded like your
old jeans that finally
ripped in an indecent spot
and it was a shame to
throw them out but
sometimes you just have to
let go and move on

the divide of hours
has a good reason and
plenty of purpose
the tense of a verb
can bring you back
to time and remind
you of the gift, like a
sunrise, that is
right now, today
that grand new TO-DO

Thank you for reading!

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