Poem prompt!

Screen shot from searching for “anagram by Henri Cole” – from the Paris Review website

Because I subscribe to the Paris Review – one of the two magazines whose subscriptions I can’t bear to cancel yet even tho the rest have gone the way of economy (sigh) – I get daily emails from them with lovely poems. On the 22nd, the poem was the one you see in the above screen shot…. except that I got to read the whole thing. Yes I could have just screen shot the entire email or even copy-pasted the text, but that didn’t seem right. Hopefully y’all get the gist BECAUSE ….

My point in sharing it with you – lovely readers, poetry enthusiasts that you are – is to suggest doing the same thing. Make an anagram with your name (or someone else’s name, or a sentence, or something else), and make it into a poem! I’m going to do it, for the sake of play if nothing else; I suspect it will inspire several poems.

So, ready-set-go if y’all are up for it! I’ll share mine eventually here, hopefully with some relevant photos attached. Happy writing to you! ❤️

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Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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