Mountain Time

In the mountains everything is too muchreading: too muchthinking: definitely over-muchwriting: maybe a little because grasshoppers are buzzingtheir tightly patterned bodiesthrough the meadowwhere butterflies are dancingto the beat a woodpecker drumsdown the hill in the pine and aspen forestwho sighs to let us know that the windis coming also because clouds are makingshadow pictures onContinue reading “Mountain Time”


In the dusk of an Easter weekendwhile nature held its breathin vigil vigilantthe Saturday gloom of eveninggathered fistfuls of theoverabundant growth thatlined the path Trees and brambles breathedpressing in on either sideanticipating dawn’s freshdew of renewaleven while night prepared to fall The briars offered up a rabbitwily, listeningnavigating the open voidbetween two sides of theContinue reading “Rabbit”


In the morning the doves’ lamentmixes with the hum of distant trafficand lawnmowersa conversation bouncingbetween the treeslanguage following the networkof branches and shade, cover There are hawks in this neighborhoodwho also listento the deep breasted plea for lovethat echoes from thoselight hollow boneswhile squirrels scratchalong their fence highwayto fuss and chatterat the cat From myContinue reading “Morning”