Hello, Again!

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HI there! I have been absent for quite a while, and here’s the reason: I was planning on phasing this website out. Having gone back to writing on Medium (and enjoying it! I missed my peeps), I didn’t think it made sense to have this online presence as well – not from a time or a financial perspective. I decided not to renew the domain and I let the subscription pass. . . . .

AND THEN things started to happen that I wasn’t expecting: the kinds of things that made me realize that this website is probably a good idea after all, maybe even a necessity.

So, I’m back. Hi!

Medium has been very kind to me lately, boosting a couple of my poems which in turn has really picked things up for me on that site in terms of readership and interaction. For National Poetry Month I made a project of writing “letters to poets” – which weren’t letters at all, but poems, odes, written in a very specific way.

HERE <——– you can read about it

It was a lot more challenging than I expected it to be at the outset, but hurrah I finished it and one of the poems (this one) got a boost. So I would consider that project a success!

A couple of days ago, when I hastily decided I ought to revive this website, I also received the good news that I will be taking part in a month long poetry challenge over at Tupelo Press. That’s not until August, however, so I don’t have more to say about that just yet and of course there’s plenty more writing that will happen between now and then!

Next up: I’ll share news and thoughts on my new project, which I haven’t been able to get very far with but am hopeful that in the next couple of weeks I will have the time to get it rolling for realz.

Thanks for reading!

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Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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