the field is a constellation of colora vast universe dotted with petal’d starswhere harvesters buzz like beesarmed with scissorsfor take-home delightsthat don’t lastthe crystal autumn sky watcheswithout emotionthrowing down rays of dustto nourish the future,who buds in quiet industryin spite of the invading hoards This poem is about the field of zinnias at a pumpkinContinue reading “Zinnia”


buttoned up with meaning,like clockwork in the skythroughout the year,a garland of desire likea field of bristling sunsgravely marching to dotheir business with thegreat beyond, equal to bothsides of life’s coin: weddings and funeralsjoy and loss take it or leave it,stuff your pockets full of gold I can’t think of marigolds without thinking about thatContinue reading “Marigold”


bittersweet early bloomerdrunk on the blood of winterswollen in the sleeping soilto thrust a graceful, frilled neckthat soaks up the delight of the sunintoxicating passers by toswoon in half-sorrow longing the perfume cuts throughthe air like an errantdiscus thrown and then struckby the jealous windso sweetness springs fromthe grave where youth fell,to sorrow-seed the fallowContinue reading “Hyacinth”


I think, therefore I am: beautifulin a simple, smiling kind of a wayvelvety, underfoot, a little somethingto remember me by Let me ease your heartwith bard songs that bringsweet nothings to mind Carry me close, sprinkle mewith sugar and I willgarnish your days,a lion-hearted darlinggracing the garden with a flourishof loamy, bright color-splash Oh theContinue reading “Pansy”


Pride of parks and roundabouts in Britainwhere Wordsworth waxed ecstaticin his regard of those yellow hosts Bright faces perking up the lawnsof New York after a drearyendless winterwaving in the breeze like so manyflags pointing toward warmer daystrumpeting a new season I never noticed their absencein the south, dazzled insteadby the yellow face in theContinue reading “Daffodil”


Neighborly, she always says hellokeeping a garden of tidy inspirationfrom her motorized chairHer smiles light the air thatsurrounds her, a heartfelt messageof sisterhood arcing the distancebetween us with the swiftnessof a blossom pushing outto announce the arrival of spring Hardy, she has weathered lifewith the persistence of a kernel’dbulb, resisting the devastation of frost,blooming againContinue reading “Iris”


sleep bringerdown a dark hallwhere banshees lurkwhite not from puritybut the sear of eternityburning behind theeyelids of escaping man red blood of valiancesoldier cloaks soakedin sacrificial glorya field of men sownin battle, marked withthe kiss of war.Take your last look, Ares;make your last escape For this flower poem I played with the two colors ofContinue reading “Poppy”