Carnation | Orchid

Carnation A coronation for a buttonholenear a man’s impenetrable heartcloves drift from the spottickling the nose, begging entry A crown for the wristsof beautiful youth boundin a fancy dress for the promfull of promises not yet broken A tightly ruffled wreathin the bundle from interflorawho outlasts the roses and otherless hearty blooms,with its princely feetContinue reading “Carnation | Orchid”


Lion headed autumn prizesroaring outside the doordaring to show fresh faces in Maycarefully preened manessparkling the early summer dewdaring the sun to bequite as brilliant in hisyellow raptures Once upon a timemy Grandmother planteda host of these rampant kingson a far forgotten side of the housean offering to the neighborsa place of pleasant pilgrimagefor usContinue reading “Chrysanthemum”


A heart once pliable and softwith the bloom of youth stillwafting sweetness into an open mindnow hard as flint, in self absorbed,avoiding mirrors except to smash themand revel in the shardscrushed sharply under theboot of controlthe picture in the atticwears a knowing smirkdeaf to any echo but its ownneck deep in its ownenveloping paper whiteContinue reading “Narcissus”


Mightier than the swordthese gorgeous stalks piercememory, arranged in cutglass in the tiny London houseawaiting the return ofthe bride and groom Outlasting the tide of realitythey burst with myriadfire upward througha field of knives,spiked-guardians in silentobservation with a stabof passion at the sky Thanks for reading!


Fairie tricks ring the dead men’s bellsheartbeat secrets no tongue can tella thimble-full to tame the blooda double dose brings sleeping floodsto tame his madness, deaf with painimpassioned, driven, yellow-faintthe genius Dutchman’s pallet tellswhere myth meets rumor, logic failsbowing woodland hiding placeproud pink trumpets make your face There’s a VanGogh reference in this poem .Continue reading “Foxglove”