Portobello Road (I think! it was a long time ago), London | 35mm film photo by author

Pride of parks and roundabouts in Britain
where Wordsworth waxed ecstatic
in his regard of those yellow hosts

Bright faces perking up the lawns
of New York after a dreary
endless winter
waving in the breeze like so many
flags pointing toward warmer days
trumpeting a new season

I never noticed their absence
in the south, dazzled instead
by the yellow face in the sky
imposing a presence stronger
than any waving gilded field
beating the soil with warmth
for longer than a short-lived
chivalrous heart can bear

Daffodils don’t really bloom in Texas, not without some serious cultivation, and it doesn’t seem like anybody bothers to plant them – not that I have seen, anyway. We don’t really have the climate that suits them, with spring starting not only early but with a big warm bang. I think of them more as the type of flower that gives you a hint that maybe, just MAYBE, sometime in the next few weeks you might be able to take off your jacket. Anyway they were everywhere in the UK and so nice to look at. Also if you’ve never read Wordsworth’s excellent poem, you should. Thanks for reading!

Published by amyjasek

Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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