Pride of parks and roundabouts in Britainwhere Wordsworth waxed ecstaticin his regard of those yellow hosts Bright faces perking up the lawnsof New York after a drearyendless winterwaving in the breeze like so manyflags pointing toward warmer daystrumpeting a new season I never noticed their absencein the south, dazzled insteadby the yellow face in theContinue reading “Daffodil”


sleep bringerdown a dark hallwhere banshees lurkwhite not from puritybut the sear of eternityburning behind theeyelids of escaping man red blood of valiancesoldier cloaks soakedin sacrificial glorya field of men sownin battle, marked withthe kiss of war.Take your last look, Ares;make your last escape For this flower poem I played with the two colors ofContinue reading “Poppy”


Says Bee, with glee: John Jacob,is that you? . . . . Ah me,I see, I mistook you for Daisy.Butterfly and I cameflying by, for a quick visit.Whatever your name is, wethink you’re sweet, and couldplay in your purplefrills all day. Channeling Emily here – plus how great is the suit on the guy inContinue reading “Aster”

The Language of Flowers

speak to me in the waft ofpetal stamen language pollinate my thoughts witha breath as sweet as the firstwarm wind of spring teach me beauty and brevityand the easy joy of the momentthe wisdom of leaving a simplelife attached to its rootsI know the ruin of clippers and spadesI know the trauma of transplantation showContinue reading “The Language of Flowers”