Self Singing

Whitman had a lot of songs,long and rambling, so many notesventuring all over the melodic rangefrom the highest octaves to thelowest reaches of the bass clef If he was written out on a staff,codified into halves, wholes, and sixteenths,he would be a tangle to rival Brahms,with a reach beyond Rachmaninoff or Liszt You wouldn’t wantContinue reading “Self Singing”

Taking Sides

the Joyful Conqueror arm wrestlesthe Sorrowful Scared Cynicwho’s used to losing Wild Dreamer kicksthe Careful Rule Followerin the shins under the tableso Sh*t-stirrer starts up,knocking over a chairinto Peacemaker, who spillsher drink onto the stifledRealist’s crisp white shirt the Diplomat steps forwardbut procrastinates for an instantand gets shoved out ofthe way by the Bitter GossipContinue reading “Taking Sides”

A Pair of Italian Sonnets

Pristine Sistine: at the Vatican I walked and walked through halls of wondertil at last I reached the endwhere God’s own voice resounds like thunderfrom images well known as friends In awe beneath that gorgeous ceilingsequestered as a holy choiceoverwhelmed with thoughts and feelingsbrought back to earth by recorded noise Quiet! and No pictures, please!LoudlyContinue reading “A Pair of Italian Sonnets”


With sunshine and graceyou present your joyful faceto brighten this place Nourished by autumnthe seeds wait in secret hopefor the coming spring In storm the showersof restorative powers:the earth re-flowers And bees run the racea buzz of furious pacethrough the garden space So much more than commonplacefar too wild to be encased in a vaseLeaveContinue reading “Wildflowers”