Packing for the Beach

South Padre Island National Seashore | 35mm slide film, xpro | photo by author

Shade – because there won’t be any
take some from the dark corners
at the back of the pantry
bring a little of the gloamy coolness
that lurks under the trees in the yard

Flip flops – that you won’t wear
because the wet sands sucks at them,
turning them into heel-paddling liabilities

a hat for the wind to steal

clothes you won’t use, except
when forced out of your bathing suit
for the partial respectability of dinner

a book – mostly for bringing home
remnants of salt and sand

buckets of sunscreen

a cooler to weigh down the towels

snacks for the gulls to scream for;
chip-clips to dissuade invetable aerial theft

dreams – to float and drift on the waves;
all the flotsam of a well-loved life
rushing away and back again, zipping off to
imaginary islands, caught in the riptide of summer

Guess what I’m doing. . . . . I noticed the other day that the WordPress app is very convenient for making posts on the fly. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll send y’all some live poetry and photo action from the beach! Thanks for reading – and happy summer, y’all!

Published by amyjasek

Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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