Himanthalia lorea (elongata) – Sea thong / Sea spaghetti

How you chase the daylightas it departs at the end of the yearshooting out among the rocksto leave your markbefore the moon pulls you,gathering deep pilesin great sandy knotsworthy of our efforts to untie Foodie beach delight,noodle-heaped upon a plate This poem is the second in my series of ekphrastic writing on cyanotypes by AnnaContinue reading “Himanthalia lorea (elongata) – Sea thong / Sea spaghetti”

Laminaria digitata – Oarweed

Great hand, whose fingersraked through the seano longer holding fastbut now your ghost displayedas it reached for the suna dream of the meadowswhere your brothers and sistersswayed with applausedelight of urchins,a tidal clapbreaking free to rush alongsideswarthy boats,palm to palm with the oars I’m not sure how much of a deal I’ve made about itContinue reading “Laminaria digitata – Oarweed”