Prophetic naturesending signals of a changeit’s our choice to seefree will lets us stay asleepfree will lets us take notice At the door: a knockan announcement of a changewaiting for our earsif we choose, we can listenif we choose, we can open Further to yesterday’s post, here I am sharing the Advent poems I’ve putContinue reading “Prophet”


Autumn began andI sat and listened to thecars rushing somewherealong some busy roadbeyond the fences and yardsof the neighborhoodand to the birdspeeping intermittentlychecking in on one anotherlike like bellhops at thetree motel There were sirens, also,and there was some hammering Autumn began andI sat and watched whilethe sky faded and the lightdrained away like bathContinue reading “Equinox”