Fucus canaliculatus (pelvetia) – channel wrack, Dúlamán

Brave branches gracefullyattending the daily fluxmingling with the grassesthat dance atop the salty cliffs Hear your fronds singwhen you come up for air:gentle daughter,feed me in my time of needguide this travelerinto the beautiful shoesthat enliven my path The research for this last poem in my series based on Anna Atkins’ cyanotypes took me downContinue reading “Fucus canaliculatus (pelvetia) – channel wrack, Dúlamán”


A heart once pliable and softwith the bloom of youth stillwafting sweetness into an open mindnow hard as flint, in self absorbed,avoiding mirrors except to smash themand revel in the shardscrushed sharply under theboot of controlthe picture in the atticwears a knowing smirkdeaf to any echo but its ownneck deep in its ownenveloping paper whiteContinue reading “Narcissus”