(For the full Super Flower Moon, May 2022) what more can I say about the moon? my daughter read an articleon rabies that scared the witsout of her, so I am thinkingabout all the wild thingsmarauding out therein the ghostly super light the earth’s shadowscrapes its way across her facea raw red nailturning the whiteContinue reading “Eclipse”

Me Time | A Mother’s Limerick

Reading in bed, what delight!Yet this “me” time is never quite rightFor as soon as I layI’m so pooped from the dayIt’s as if someone snuffed out the light. The grammar stickler in me worries that the use of “lay” is improper; I’ve left it, however, because of the rhyme. Where are my fellow mamasContinue reading “Me Time | A Mother’s Limerick”