Me Time | A Mother’s Limerick

Reading in bed, what delight!Yet this “me” time is never quite rightFor as soon as I layI’m so pooped from the dayIt’s as if someone snuffed out the light. The grammar stickler in me worries that the use of “lay” is improper; I’ve left it, however, because of the rhyme. Where are my fellow mamasContinue reading “Me Time | A Mother’s Limerick”

Titles | Self Imposed Definitions

I am the Queenof being wrongThe Princessof lossAn Expertat shelving my dreamsI wrote a thesison the disappointment that comes from the misplaced hopethat people will change for the betterI have conqueredthe fact that standing up for myself or othersalways gets me punched back downI’m an Absolute Proat failureMy confidence is excellentat being swiftly annihilatedI amContinue reading “Titles | Self Imposed Definitions”

Personal Geology

Some daysI amstrong, firma mountain risingfrom the rich strata of my yearsThere is no pastNo abandoned bedrockNo memoryOnly now Other daysthe mighty hammer fallsbreakingoff a cliffexposing evidenceof suffering’s transgressionsedimentshiddenbeneaththat would be ripefor erosionif I would let them surface Concealedmy mantle boilsawaiting metamorphosis:time, press the layers togethertransform thembond themwith the fingerprint of gloryshining at my coreContinue reading “Personal Geology”