In the dusk of an Easter weekendwhile nature held its breathin vigil vigilantthe Saturday gloom of eveninggathered fistfuls of theoverabundant growth thatlined the path Trees and brambles breathedpressing in on either sideanticipating dawn’s freshdew of renewaleven while night prepared to fall The briars offered up a rabbitwily, listeningnavigating the open voidbetween two sides of theContinue reading “Rabbit”

Bang | The Tale of a Nail

The fine point of truth that joinsturning the refinement of forest titansinto the resolute skeleton that shelterswhole orchards of human soulspiecing the perching place of birdstogether into the plane of refreshment The spike that needs a strike to do its jobpneumatic’s fire, or hammer’s poundupon the blunter end will do the trickholding treasures to wallsstringingContinue reading “Bang | The Tale of a Nail”


Dance to your own drum, sing in your own key I sing the song of America, my country, sweet landthe clay from which I was madewhere my ancestors sailed before there was an island to receive themand again, later, leaving their names upon the island’s wallBelievers, all of themin the promise of freedom and rebirthwithContinue reading “Song”

Prompt | Prompted to promptly respond to a prompt (sometimes)

Poked by a promptthe shrill of an alarma slight jab at the sleepermaybe it will prompt meto poke otherswho were waiting to awakenwhether they knew it or nottoo much hibernation should bepromptly remediedgenerate a little buzztoss it out there and watchthe ripples ruffling featherstruncating forty winksnudge, nudgenap time is over Oh how I do loveContinue reading “Prompt | Prompted to promptly respond to a prompt (sometimes)”

Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet

Oh bum thou often subject of fine artWhose shining cheeks would gleam out of the stoneYour symmetry has captured many heartsWhose charm lies surely not in form aloneA cushion fine for man to sit uponYour graces hid beneath a garment’s shroudYet not a welcome sight out on the lawnAnd not fit to be seen amongContinue reading “Behind | A Cheeky Sonnet”


In these languid, hug-free daysof strictly enforced distancemy head against his heartbeatdelivers the echo of my footstepson the road homethis small act of communionis the ground that brings meback to my reference pointcurrent passes between ustelegraphing messages conductedthrough physical connectionthis, my safety planeproviding the earth for my system to rest uponthe circuits click with theContinue reading “Ground”


Cleopatra rolled up in a rugsmuggled in to see Caesarworming her way into infamyEvery day the light is changingSlyly summer transformslittle by little into autumnsuch small moveswe hardly even notice the fall I realize it’s not quite the right time of year for this poem, but my copy-paste-repeat diligence from my Medium archive knows noContinue reading “September”

Between the Golden Bars

From a bird in a gilded cage Pecking at the walls of invested desireFeed the well a doubloonIt spits back an ingotVaults of piggies full to the brimGenerations of interest ensuredBut coins in the mattressPoke holes in retirementGreen paper wallsTear and burnBetween the golden barsGleams a life with all the trappingsLuminous bowls in the lapContinue reading “Between the Golden Bars”

Titles | Self Imposed Definitions

I am the Queenof being wrongThe Princessof lossAn Expertat shelving my dreamsI wrote a thesison the disappointment that comes from the misplaced hopethat people will change for the betterI have conqueredthe fact that standing up for myself or othersalways gets me punched back downI’m an Absolute Proat failureMy confidence is excellentat being swiftly annihilatedI amContinue reading “Titles | Self Imposed Definitions”


On the beach making prints out of the treasureswashed ashore and the sun with the moon reflecting that lightpulling the tides I think of the fabric how it oncewas balls of cotton planted by human handsgrown from a seed in soil that might have oncebeen an inland sea little plants blessed by the sungreen leavesContinue reading “Interconnected”