Cafe Tanka

breaking the silencebrooding over the laptops:a loud group of friendssocializing is daringparticipating in life When I was young I remember coffee shops / coffee houses as lively places I would frequent to hear live music and hang out with my friends. We would talk and laugh, people watch and play games. Nowadays it seems likeContinue reading “Cafe Tanka”

At the Cafe

Sidewalk scenes a good dogpatiently doingtricks for treats a small boyasks for the hot tubafter dinner an old manlong beard bristlinggoes inside music driftsoutside from inside,old show tunes a coupletogether but notholding hands window seata woman readingnow vacant a young girltalking on the phonewhile she walks flannel shirttied around the waistmakes a skirt in aContinue reading “At the Cafe”