sleep bringerdown a dark hallwhere banshees lurkwhite not from puritybut the sear of eternityburning behind theeyelids of escaping man red blood of valiancesoldier cloaks soakedin sacrificial glorya field of men sownin battle, marked withthe kiss of war.Take your last look, Ares;make your last escape For this flower poem I played with the two colors ofContinue reading “Poppy”


Litte frogs hopping along by the water,as you wish, growing wilderby the day in May My chin will tell the truth:stick after stick of your namesakedisappears in the kitchen,but we don’t welcome you thereunless tamed and sad in a jartrail free, little leapers,in a spill of sunshineacross the open field May flower mania continues! ThankContinue reading “Buttercup”


Says Bee, with glee: John Jacob,is that you? . . . . Ah me,I see, I mistook you for Daisy.Butterfly and I cameflying by, for a quick visit.Whatever your name is, wethink you’re sweet, and couldplay in your purplefrills all day. Channeling Emily here – plus how great is the suit on the guy inContinue reading “Aster”


waves of blue followingthe highway’s undulationa lupine ribbondrawn across the hill countrybrought on by autumn rainsa sky-shadow trailingunderneaththe stars official mascot of the vernal seasonprotected, reveredimmortalized in every artespecially family photoswhere posing groups leave behindflattened sectionssoon to be filled by flattenedpatties left by the soft-eyed grazerswhose great warm lipsenjoy this new offering each spring TexansContinue reading “Bluebonnet”


Showy knot of gathered shamedon’t punish us with your absencefor such a slight as this trowel’sdisturbance Mischief peeks out from amongyour skirts, where your eye hides,bashful – I see you pretendingto not see me, your pentitent gardener I give you my slight bowin return for your precious head,Olympic daughter, bringall your glory to the goldenContinue reading “Peony”


sweet scented beating heart of passionnamed deliverer of 1000 declarationsand 10,000 apologiesthe thorn in the side of loversa petaled face among the brushwild, ready to peck at the prideof the faint of heart Flower poem #1! Part of my process in writing this poem, and all the ones that will follow this month – afterContinue reading “Rose”