Every night the cat comes and roosts next to me. Even if she has been attending to another member of the family, there is always the moment of her padding lightly and with purpose across the comforter like so much thick snow and settling herself, back turned, tail flicking, nonchalant and without obvious expectation unlessContinue reading “Patience”


The night fogdampens soundweighs it downso it can’t riseto tap at thewindow pane orwhisper shoutin my ear The night fogturns normal nineinto mysterious midnightsecretsbreathing onthe glass toexpose ghostwriting leftbehind byunseen fingersletters lingeringin the dustfor time to find The night foghides darknessand throws backlight, a shockof gloss throughthe frosted mistthat fightsthe odds topoint the wayforward JustContinue reading “Fog”


(For the full Super Flower Moon, May 2022) what more can I say about the moon? my daughter read an articleon rabies that scared the witsout of her, so I am thinkingabout all the wild thingsmarauding out therein the ghostly super light the earth’s shadowscrapes its way across her facea raw red nailturning the whiteContinue reading “Eclipse”


The night the windcame to lifethere were headlights shiningdown the beachinterrupting the darknessin our thin cocoon The walls bowedswollen from the outsidepushing against the edgesof our dreamstossing the mattresslike a boat on an angry seatent ribs cracked and groanedceiling rose and fell withdeep ragged breathsenergy swirled,let out of its boxwith a vengeanceturning canvas flapsinto wildContinue reading “Wind”