Evening, after the rain

Caddo Lake State Park, Forest Trail (TX) | Hasselblad 500cm & Portra 800

The backyard glows
like an emerald, the leaves are
gemstones in a dark forest,
reflecting the dying light of the rain,
while the wet wood of bark
and fence posts offers no bite,
just molders away with a
mushroom aura, anticipating
the decaying gloom.

Earlier a rabbit hopped
through the soft marsh of the grass
searching, investigating, hopeful

They aren’t leaves, they are drops
of jade, and peridot, shining above a
glade of malachite blades,
while the topaz sky lowers its skirts
into a sapphire sea

If this poem seems somewhat derivative, it is: a couple of days ago I purposely wrote a poem after Pablo Neruda (whose writing I adore), so I had the names of gemstones still lingering in my brain. These words will be included in my Camp NaNo Project . . . . I *think*. Like everything else in life, it remains a work in progress!

Thank you for reading! If you feel like writing something about how your own little patch of the earth looks in the evening after it rains, I would love to read it!

Published by amyjasek

Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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