Publication news!

Well I write a poem about rejection letters and then a couple of days later I get one that’s acceptance! It’s like when you finally pull over to ask for directions and are told that the place you’re looking for is right around the next bend. I went out on a limb and submitted aContinue reading “Publication news!”


Shore birds with thearms and legs of industryrushing gush for tidal plunderhalf blinded drownedby beating spraysteam and groanon the horizon with theheave ho of group effortalways the sea willreturn to wash overwhat remains This is the final ekphrastic poem from the exhibition of Turner paintings at the Kimbell Art Museum earlier this year. HERE youContinue reading “Wreckers”

The Ariel

Lashing out, fair rationsthe slap and stingof salt waves mixedwith snowice and fire, a cold burnswirl and tumult ofupturned cargo and soulsnearly founderingwith progress breathlessfor the suffrage of a new life This is the second of three ekphrastic poems I wrote at the Kimbell Art Museum during their exhibition of Turner paintings earlier this year.Continue reading “The Ariel”


The field of death illuminatedLight suspended, in suspensionpigment in medium,applied, brushed and varnishedbut not glossed – so much lossat what costBy their own lightthose who could not fightsearch for signs of life Wandering in suspensionthe crowds pass inmuted tones, hushed and dimmaking their own inspectionframe by framemostly weighed by ageand time, and glossedby the wonderContinue reading “Waterloo”


“torito veloz” wild toro on the wallbullish scimitar hornsa stab of the tailcharging colorful groundfullish circular forms “torito feliz” little happy bullhears the call of torosees the active capewith wild and smiling eyesfears no fall of morrow torito, hooves will clipthe pointed horns will snipblossoms in the ringhot fired rush of breathanointed, borne, they slipestoque’sContinue reading “Flamenca”