Galveston, TX | Holga camera and Kodak Tri-X | photo by author

The night the wind
came to life
there were headlights shining
down the beach
interrupting the darkness
in our thin cocoon

The walls bowed
swollen from the outside
pushing against the edges
of our dreams
tossing the mattress
like a boat on an angry sea
tent ribs cracked and groaned
ceiling rose and fell with
deep ragged breaths
energy swirled,
let out of its box
with a vengeance
turning canvas flaps
into wild fledgling wings
while sand danced
in every corner

The night the wind came to life
it shifted the foundations
right from under us
left with our sleep

It came like a thief
stuffing its pockets with
angry thrusting fists
pounded at the walls
get out
get out
get out
until we unzipped our fragile
hold on the shore
and fled into the maelstrom
into the headlights
that bore tunnels
through the sand-filled air

We watched as the car
drove by in slow motion

We washed in the dark
boiling waves

We found shelter in the strong
body of the truck
rocked into the brief
uneasy rest of surrender,
refugees from the fury
of the living wind

This poem was inspired by a true story, one eventful night on the beach. . . Thank you for reading!

Published by amyjasek

Film photographer, mother, positively passionate about life in general, Texan : )

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